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Posted by Kim on Nov 23, 2006

Doable I think it is. The decoupage would go on first, under the glass. One huge thing to consider is if the the ink you use will fade in the sun. I wanted to go that route too but the scare of the ink fading scared me out of it. Why limit yourself to black? Try colors to match your wood. I did one decoupage on a practice piece.

Hopefully an expert on this will reply. Know any surfboard makers? I heard they do a lot of this.

Another option to do, which is why I gave up so easily, is to do a wood burn. With no previous skill I can do a passable compass rose and other easy images. I've delayed my build for a month on practicing and waiting for a new burner system to come in. Yes I am getting antsy. And I have spent another 160 bucks on more tools. Hopefully when I build another kayak I will have my pyrography skills up to where I can burn an eagle on the deck. Pics soon.


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