Re: What kind of plywood?

Posted by Mac on Nov 26, 2006

Moe says "appolegies for the spelling im dysletic"

Heck Moe, I'm not and often spell worse than that - and English is supposed to be my FIRST lanhguage. (I usually blame my keyboard's resident gremlins - THEY'RE dyslexic!).

I really enjoy your submissions from Norway, and hope to see many more for years to come.

Have you had any experience, or been able to get your hands on Sapele? It is beautiful - see the deck shot of George Krewson's Sea Island Sport - the one with the maple leaves.

I believe that Sapele is up to the same standards as Okoume, and handles very much the same.

I don't know about the price-per-sheet comparison, but I would assume it to be right up there with gold, diamonds and Canadian gasoline.

Cheers, Moe!

Mac from Montrale

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