Re: West Cost Repair Shop

Posted by Chris in Seattle on Nov 27, 2006

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. I will try the contacts you suggested.

Great input re removing the combing. Can you explain a little more? Do you start the cut along a side where there is no curvature along the axis of the cut? The only place it actually needs to be cut is over the deck beam. Elsewhere, I can just cut through the deck with a jigsaw. I think perhaps replacing the lost layer while clamping it between layers of (thickened?) epoxy over the new deck might help to accomodate any change in curvature between the old and new deck.

I'm not certain the deck needs to be removed, but that is my layman's appraisal. It was repeatedly smashed against a bulkhead by storm waves and there appears to be some material missing. Also, the position of the crack is problematic -- It's long, maybe 2-3 feet, passing over the top of the rear bulkhead; and 6-9 inches run right along the edge of the shear clamp. It will be harder to patch from the bottom than if the crack was in the middle of the deck. It seems like cutting the deck off and sanding a fair gluing surface might be less work than trying to fix what is there.

I will take some pictures to post next time I'm at my beach place. If I end up fixing it myself, I'll really appreciate your comments. Perhaps between the lot of us, we can collectively provide the expertise I was hoping to find in a commercial boatbuilder.

Regarding my earlier comments re CLC support, I regret the criticism. I had been under the mistaken assumption that there exists a wooden kayak building industry. Apparently they're *all* home built? In any event, I'll try the BC contact and also check out the other forum that was suggested. And perhaps I'll do as Lazlo suggested -- hire somebody to side my house and spend my time fixing my wife's kayak.

Thanks again.


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