Re: West Cost Repair Shop

Posted by LeeG on Nov 28, 2006

What EXACTLY is broken?

First off is the deck glassed? If it's not then the repair will leave it stronger than before.

You mention a 2'-3'crack through the deck along the sheer somewhere adjacent to the coaming and continueing aft? So that's most of the crack next to the coaming and the rest aft?

How is the hull right around the bulkhead opposite of the crack? Do you have wooden hip braces installed? Are they broken through anywhere? If you don't have hip braces in there then play with plastic covered (so 'poxy doesn't stick) pieces of wood to push the deck back into place, install braces at the same time, lay a fillet of goop and tape underneath the deck at the sheerclamp. When it's all cured up sand the exterior over the crack masking in as far as needed and seal/fill as needed. If the deck was glassed you don't neet to reglass the entire deck but should lay down a strip of cloth so that it covers the crack with an inch beyond. This is where creative application of paint can highlight the rest of the wood deck hiding the damaged sections. If the wood is delaminated use a syringe to inject glue into the layers before pushing it into position from either side. You can use straps to hold the deck into position from the outside with blocks from the inside.

Just out of curiosity what is the damage right around the deck beam/sheer clamp and top edge of the deck near the front bulkhead?

You mention wood missing,,I'm guessing that's sections of the 6mm coaming and the ends of the kayak and sheer?

You can play with strips of 2" masking tape to do a trial run seeing how paint could mask the areas of missing wood. A thick black sheer stripe about 2" wide tapering up over the deck can hide any plywood that's filled with epoxy putty.

You can use glass/epoxy putty to replace chunks of missing coaming and paint it black like 95% of all composite kayaks.

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