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Posted by Chris in Seattle on Nov 29, 2006

I took some pictures but can't figure out how to post them. Do I have to upload them to some image-hosting service or can I cut and paste from my PC?

It looks like I didn't glass the deck. I'll take that as a lesson for the future.

The bow end of the crack starts at the aft edge of the deck beam. It proceeds more-or-less along the edge of the starboard shear clamp, passes over the rear bulkhead, and ends four nails (2 ft?) aft the rearmost edge of the combing, climbing a couple of inches away from the shear clamp as it does so.

The hull is fine except for a couple of non-penetrating (but broken wood grain) dents a couple feet from the bow. No hip braces.

Where the deck is displaced, it is shoved upward. Because of the prestress (curvature) of the deck, it wants to flatten out and hence the medial edge of the crack is sprung upward betweeen 0" and 0.5" relative to the lateral edge of the crack still held fast to the shear clamp.

I like your thinking -- maybe this can be fixed. However, it's not a single discontinuity running fore to aft. At the bow end, there is blunt impact damage and the plywood has two displaced longitudinal cracks about three inches apart with another crack running abeam between the two. Does this affect your thinking?

There is a right angle crack formed where the aft edge of the deck beam is affixed to the shear clamp. The deck beam-shear clamp joint itself appears sound. There is no visible damage forward of the deck beam except for missing the very tip of the deck.

The missing wood I'm concerned about with respect to repair is a couple quarter-sized chunks along the crack -- one over the butt joint and one a foot aft of that. The boat is also missing a half-dollar chunk near the stern and, as mentioned above, the tip at the bow (which had been scarfed on to fix damage during construction). I'll try to come back and post pictures.


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