Re: West Cost Repair Shop

Posted by CLC on Nov 30, 2006

Chris was good enough to send along some snapshots, the most revealing of which is posted below. Here was my thought on the matter:

"Chris, thanks for the note. The photos were really helpful.

That was quite a shrewd blow.

If the boat were mine, I think I'd fix that deck rather than replace the whole thing. Push the deck roughly back into alignment, then apply a giant epoxy fillet to reattach the deck to the sheer clamp and deck beam, plus a strip of fiberglass tape on the inside. On the outside, you'll need to fair and fill the depressed areas, then fiberglass the whole midsection of the deck. A creative racing stripe in a contrasting paint color will hide the damage. That'll take about a week of evenings if you keep after it.

Of course, with the luxury of time, replacing the deck is another solution. Maybe you could do a hybrid deck or something...."

Hybrid Deck

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