Re: West Cost Repair Shop

Posted by Chris in Seattle on Nov 30, 2006

Thank you very much.

Yes, apparently a very hard blow. 3 foot waves crashing against vertical bulkhead pilings with the boat in between. Maybe with a log or two tossed into it for good measure.

Now that I'm over the *horror* of finding the boat on the beach, I'm thinking maybe I can handle this repair.

Regarding time, that's an issue and a reason I had first looked for a shop to handle the repair (the other being I was probably still in shock and denial about the boat being broken). So it sounds like you believe the time required for repair will be less than the time required for replacement?

Do you believe structural soundness will be at least similar?

Would you rely on just epoxy and fiberglass or would you reinforce the area aft of the deck beam with plywood backing?

Thanks! Chris

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