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Posted by Jay on Dec 3, 2006

Thanks for the responses everyone! Jim, you kind of hit more on what I was looking for. I do have a good fillet up there, and would be curious what others have to say about filleting in the fo'c'sle. I thought it was extremely tight, and found great use for some homemade extra long popsicle sticks. Yes, the ridge line at my shop is about 20'+/-. It used to be a Dixie Crystals warehouse back in the 50's.

Kim, I would assume that either way is acceptable, but I'm pretty lazy, and I like the idea of gravity working for me (and not having to cut out a piece of cardboard). also, with the tape on the top, like the way I did, it pretty much gave me a near flush (slightly proud) surface to epoxy the deck to on each end. It, just seems to be easier to me all the way around. Maybe next time i will try the dam method, But I'm not sure about trying to tape an interior angle.

As a reminder to all, use the Slow hardener for pours. I clocked the pours at about 112 deg. F. with an infrared. I can only imagine what they mean by "boil" if you use the Fast!

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