Here I Izzz

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Dec 5, 2006

Howdy, Gang! George K alerted me to the fact that some of y'all wuz askin' about me. Dang, I almost feel ashamed to say I have a life outside of building boats... something about it just doesn't seem righteous. I see he also let slip that I now own a store-bought kayak. It's a terrible, horrid rumor, I tell you... even if it is a little bit true...

Unfortunately, I really don't feel free to tell the complete story behind my plastic sit-on-top except to say that yeah, I got a heckuva deal on it. It's a Hurricane Kayaks Phoenix 160... really a prototype since the production model will be quite a bit different... and they cut me the deal because I helped with some R&D. I still think sit-on-tops are doggy barges, but I'm getting better. It's great to fish out of, and ought to help keep my wooden boats in much better shape for that reason. If I can stand to use it, that is (weighs as much as two of my wooden yaks, bleah).

Speaking of which, my Outer Island and Cormorant are once again shredded all to hell and fixin' to fall apart. The OI is in especially bad shape, lots of bare wood where I've completely worn off the fiberglass... mostly around the cockpit and along the keel and gunnels. So that's what I'll be doing this winter: building one new Greenland-style boat, and overhauling two others. I'm up to ten kayaks, now, by the way...

Charlie, please write again, I didn't getcher email, evidently.

Cheers, Kurt