Need some expertise

Posted by Chris J. on Dec 6, 2006

This really isn't a kayak building question but then again maybe it is. I promised my son that I would help him finish and assemble a kit electric guitar before I start our 3rd kayak, a Mill Creek 16.5. The body of the guitar is solid unfinished hardwood that he would like to stain before applying a finish. I have enough epoxy left from our first two boats and we were wondering if it would be feasible to stain the body then apply some epoxy, much like I did with the kayaks. I think the depth the epoxy adds would look cool. If we do this, what type of stain (oil or water base) should we use under the epoxy and can we spray a clearcoat finish to the epoxy once it cures? If this works out, I may consider a stained guitar like finish on the deck of our Les Paul edition Mill Creek 16.5!

Thanks in advance for any help.