glass probs

Posted by Tom S on Dec 7, 2006

Gentlemen and women:

I spent a very frustrating last evening glassing the inside of the cockpit of my CH18. This is my first S&G anything and I was not prepared for the difficulty I experienced with the cut edges of the glass cloth fraying off loose threads as I tried to work them into place and wet them out. I had angel hair everywhere. Yikes! Is there a technique for avoiding this syndrome or did I just do something stupid? Should I have wet the edges before putting the cloth in the boat?

On a somewhat related note, after sweating out the wrinkles in what amounts to a rectangular box, I am terrified of what I'll have to deal with when glassing the hull and deck, especially around the bow of the hull. How hard is it to avoid puckers and wrinkles? Can you stretch the fabric with clamps and such to keep it smooth before putting on the resin, or am I worrying about a problem that won't arise? Do you start in the middle and work towards each end to avoid pushing bubbles the length of the boat, or am I better off starting at the bow and working aft? Any suggestions will be appreciated.