Re: Sanders

Posted by Mac on Dec 8, 2006


Hook and loop refers to the velcro-like way the paper disk attaches to the sander's pad. It isn't any better than the stick on type and is more expensive.

It may depend on availability of disks where you live - I pretty much have to stay with hook and loop myself. I find that if I buy really high quality disks they last well and at the end of the day don't actually bankrupt me.

My advice on the machine itself would run to Bosch, DeWalt, Porter Cable etc. And variable speed for sure. Go for quality here - you'll spend a lot of time together.

What is most important is that you attach a Shop Vac to the sander, so forget those wimpy little dust collectors that come with the units and look for one where you can hookup the hose. I duct tape my vac hose to my Bosch 5" ROS and it does the job (3 kayaks and counting).

Folk will tell you sanding's a chore. It really is if you have a crappy sander with crappy paper.

I use a carbide scraper to get off all the lumps and bumps while the epoxy is still a little soft. After that, the sanding is kinda fun.

Have fun with your build!


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