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Posted by David Tudryn on Dec 8, 2006

Mike- I sanded my 24' sailboat hull, countless woodworking projects and every piece of trim on my house with a DeWalt 5" Random Orbital Sander. Except for having to replace the little plastic clutch and the dust bag a few times, it's worked really well. Before I start sanding the hull on my CH17, I think i'm going to buy something new. I have a lot of Bosch tools, which I love, but their sanders seem kind of heavy. I actually heard the Rigid 5"(HomeDepot) is a good tool, though i've never owned any Rigid products. The vacuum hose attachment looks like it will stay put and not keep falling off like the one on my DeWalt.

You might want to check Amazon reviews for what other people like.

Ultimately I suppose its more about the operator and less about the brand.

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