Re: Sanders

Posted by Doug Judd on Dec 8, 2006

Hi Mike! If you are determined to get a sander, check eBay. I bought an ROS with two rolls of sanding disks, the original packing and manual plus shipping for less than I could buy one locally less paper.

Based on all I have read, the hook and loop on the sander doesn't last long. Many folks grind it off and use the adhesive disks. Less money.

My ROS was OK for Boat # 1, but I don't intend to use it at all on the current project, a stripper. I have decided that I prefer hand-sanding, paint scrapers, and a brand new set of cabinet scrapers from CLC.

Just my $0.02 USD.

Doug for Brrrrrr....NoVA

In Response to: Sanders by Mike on Dec 8, 2006