Re: Sanders

Posted by Alan Speakman on Dec 8, 2006

Hi Mike,

Some thoughts...

* All the ideas here are worth consideration...

* I have umpteen sanders, but by far and away, my fave is the adjustable-speed Rigid 5". It takes both hook and loop as well as sticky sandpaper.

* Whoever raised the issue of dust was right on... The Rigid takes a regular shop vac, and I usually use my 5hp Craftsman... Dust problem solved.

* I've got some power tools that are designed for a smaller dust pickup... No problem... My wife has one of those "FoodSaver/Seal_a_Meal" gadget thingies... Using the contraption, I just made a medium-sized, heavy-duty bag and then cut the bottom off. Next I slide the bottomless bag over the shop vac hose and then insert the small tool dust-out port into the large vac hose... Finally, I slide the bag over the connection and SECURE both sides with a couple of cheap, short bungee cords... Very low-buck, instant adapter... The Big Box stores will zap you $15...

I've been using that system for more than 5 years on all sorts of tools, and have yet to make a second bag.


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