Re: Sail Options for Sker

Posted by Jim E on Dec 9, 2006

I looked at the pictures of the folbot on your site, and thought the rig looked a little light for a sturdy boat like the Skerry, although it would go nicely on a Mill Creek. You might think the same when you have built it. You will at least need a longer mast, to give sufficient headroom under the boom. While you're about it use a pole that's stiff enough not to need stays. THe standard Skerry rig is unstayed. It's much simpler to rig that way. To clean the sail, hand wash with warm water, detergent and a gentle scrubbing brush. Dacron cleans up pretty well. Good luck with your project.

In Response to: Sail Options for Skerry by Ken C on Dec 8, 2006


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