Re: I'm baaaack

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Dec 9, 2006

Robman -- No, Our Mister Olsen hasn't said a word to me about it! In fact, I seldom hear from the rascal at all these days. Guess we're all busy doing other things...

If you come to Texas, you bet we'll chunk a little Southern Hospitality atcha. I'll see if I can roust up ol' Tony and see if maybe we can't start comin' up with plans for some fun way of gettin' tossed into the pokey down in Galveston. Yee-HAAA!!

Reckon we might need t' look for a good walk-in freezer we can borry, so's you might set a spell in 'er in case you start thawing out on us.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: I'm baaaack by Robert N Pruden on Dec 8, 2006