Packing Tape

Posted by Mac on Dec 10, 2006

We've had several discussions in the past while about which packing tape to use for nailess deck attaching.

It just dawned on me that CLC packs and ships their kits using a lot of packing tape to stabilize the raw okoume and now sapele parts.

I'm sure these kits often get made up well in advance and shipped to very hot and humid destinations.

From what I recall, I've not heard of any complaints about residue left after unpacking.

Maybe the CLC crew have a preferance for what type/brand they use? If this is a special make-up just for CLC - as I'm sure they use a ton of the stuff - maybe they could sell it to us?

(Hey John, look what Duct Tape did for Possum Lodge!)


Mac from - rather be messin' about here than putting up Christmas lights - Montreal.


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