Re: deck glass

Posted by LeeG on Dec 10, 2006

you can glass later. I wouldn't bother rigging it up though. Let the recipient admire it and take it out a few times then put it back in the garage and out of the sun to finish.

I know some folks don't varnish their kayak for a few months and use it in direct sun but that's a few months of irreversible sun exposure. I'd limit the exposure to a month or less of frequent sunlight.

Since you're running out of time it makes no sense to varnish it and have to remove the varnish later or drill holes and seal them only to undo it later.

So sure, put on two coats of resin, sand it to 50% finished sanding (with NO cutting through the edges into the wood). Show them how cool it'll look when varnished by wiping water over it.

When you're ready to glass sand it a bit more then put glass on.

Run a few extra coats of resin over the sheer edge just to make sure you don't sand through to the wood.

The difference between the frosty sanded epoxy and the varnished deck will be night and day so don't bother trying to make it look perfect for the presentation, that will happen when the varnish is applied.

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