Re: Sail Options for Sker

Posted by David Warren on Dec 11, 2006

I'm making (as usual, using no power tools) a balanced lug yawl rig for my Sass 16, to my own design. Sewing the sails by hand, making tiny hollow birdsmouth spars etc, even making all the blocks/pulleys... Yep, nutso, me.

Practically though I would have thought an ideal rig if you wanted to make one yourself would be the sprits'l rig used on the Catspaw dinghy (Look for it at the Wooden Boat store.) It's a tapered mast and a simple sprit you could make in a day from some clean straight douglas fir (or some sitka spruce if $$ is no biggie!), and a boomless sail (no hittin' your noggin on a jibe!), with no hardware more complex than a few bits of rope. The best part is thatr one of the pieces of rope is calle a 'snotter'. Gotta love that!

'Performs well too, at least on the Catspaw. You might need ot scale it down a tough to make it manageable... .

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