Re: I'm baaaack

Posted by Mac on Dec 11, 2006

Oh, Yeah? Camper?

I taught Red Green everything he knows! And Harold is my illegitimate kid (takes after his mother, thank God!)

After all those years of duct tape, why do you think I always tape my decks instead of nailing?

We sent Rob Pruden west as sort of a missionary to teach the locals about the Great Possum, but he's lost touch, gave up our gas-powered ways and now tries to recreate the old voyageur treks in Edmonton-based wooden kayaks - at night - in the winter - alone - in the rapids - talks to eavers - hugs trees - we've lost him completely.

One thing he kept though, is the love of recycling stuff that should be landfill. He took a kayak he trashed home in a baggie and totally reattached everything. Where he strayed from our holy teachings is - HE USED NO DUCT TAPE!

Now he travels the continent spreading the gospel according to "N". He used to tell us of these expiditions but seems to have gone underground lately.

I know the end of the world as we know it is nigh as he plans to join Grand Master Maurer - astronogical wizard - in the gulf.

All was well as long as there were hundreds of miles between them, but I'm not sure mankind can survive this critical mass in such a fragile ecological area. I think Steven King plans to write a apocolyptic account of this fusion.

I shudder to imagine the next generation of water craft which will inevitably result. Hybrid S&G/stripper/SOT/tupperware fishin' yaks that re-assemble themselves when crashed - aaahhhhh!!

I'm going to the basement here at the lodge to recite the Men's Prayer (which my wife wrote for ME, by the way - Green stole it!) and hide.


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