Well, I'll tell ya...

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 12, 2006

...there ain't nothin' ta tell. I have done absolutely nothing but work and try to earn a decent living. Now that I tried to earn a decent living I'm willing to go the other route and see if that pays better. ;) I couldn't get off land to do another leg of my kayaking trek because of money issues and divorce. That said, I made it out to Washington to attend the Y2K6 get-to-gether of wooden boat builders. I have not downloaded the pix onto my Yahoo site so I cannot show you how much fun I had. I did do a lot of paddling on the ocean and the guys there did warn me about the rip tides. Not sure why they fussed so much, I couldn't find them so I had no real challenges there. Speaking of challenges, did you know that it is really hard to follow the line when paddling on top of rolling waves that are only 20 feet from shore? I managed to ride the top of those rolling waves (max height maybe 4 ft at best) and had a real blast playing the edge. I did manage to get tossed upside down when I was broadsided by mere two foot waves in 6 inches of water. I was also followed by a seal who refused to let me turn around and check hum/her out. I'll try to get those durned pix downloaded and posted. I might even do some kind of a write up. Good to hear from you again, Mac.

Robert N Pruden

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