Re: deck glass

Posted by Mac on Dec 12, 2006

Funny thing. All my kayaks are paddled on flat, fresh water. The hulls are spendid after a couple of years of use and the decks show just as much wear as the bottoms. Straps hold your yak to your car - across the deck. Things fall on your yak in the garage, boat house, or dockside - on the deck. Stuff gets stored under the bungees (not always soft stuff with round edges) - on the deck. You wind up yakking with other yakkers, canoers, boaters, on the water and before you know it someone's prow has ridden up - on your deck. Or their paddles (and yours) wind up dinging - your deck.

The deck is the easiest fiberglassing you will ever do. The deck is what you see when you paddle, and what folks see most of the whole boat.

My advice - do. You'll not regret it.

Cheers and happy paddling.


In Response to: Re: deck glass by Derik s on Dec 11, 2006