Rub Strips/Rails

Posted by Mac on Dec 12, 2006


Now's a good time for me to add - another option - more optional than deck glass - rub rails.

The part of your deck that gets the MOST abuse is the sheer where it joins the sides.

I always incorporate mahogany or nice blond hardwood rub rails when I finish the decks.

One, they hide the deck-to-side seam nicely.

Two, they can be attached before you glass the dseck, and provide a great place to trim the glass overlap.

Three, they make the boat look extra nice in my opinion. (I taped on my deck during construction, but added the bronze nails afterward because I love their look on the bright finish. I also added the nails to the rub rails for the same reason. Reminds me of the beautiful wooden canoes and runabouts of my youth.)

Four, for heavy use, where the rails are sacrificed every few years, they can be added after the fiberglassing, on top of the glass overlap. There they can be easily ground off and replaced.

Again, like deck glassing, this is an easy step and well worth it in MHO.

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