Keel panels too long

Posted by GeorgeP on Dec 12, 2006

I've wired the bottom panels to the side panels with the boat upside down (ChLT 17), starting from the bow, and now that I've gotten to the stern, there's a 5/8" extension of the bottom panels past the point of the stern. I'm not sure why this happened - everything is joined up flush and fair at the bow, and I'm building from a kit with finger joints, so the lengths should be exact, but it's happened. The manual says that if this happens, it's okay and will be dealt with at a later step, but then the manual does not have any later steps that address this problem. I'm thinking that I'll just take a pull saw, cut the 5/8" off, and then round off the new keel line at the end. Is this okay or should I look for another way? Is 5/8" something to worry about? Has anybody else had this problem?

I was thinking that if I shortened the temporary spreader stick, the boat would then be alittle longer and the bottom panels might then fit, but I'd rather not do this because I'd have to re-drill all my little wire holes in the hull panels so that they'd match up to the holes in the bottom panels.