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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 12, 2006

Yes, Mac, it was my design. I think the seat worked reasonably well. Sadly, I did not have enough time to get used to the tippiess of the Raven so the swivel seat only made matters worse. Just before my race began - I swam. That got lots of laughs and one kind gentleman suggested that I no longer had to worry about swimming. I was really happy when the race started because with speed, the Raven's stability improved. I don't know if I will ever paddle the Raven again. I eventually found out that the Laser TK-1 rental boats that I was competing against were far more stable - I was comfortable in the rental Laser I used for the sprint races. To answer your next question: I came in dead last for teh two sprint races I competed in. Sprint races are all about technique and I discovered that I have only enough technique to flail around splashingly while I slowly drown.

Robert N Pruden

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