Re: Keel panels too long

Posted by Jay on Dec 13, 2006

I'm building a CH16 from plans, and had side panels that were too long (about 5/8" as well). The extra length also changed the distal taper, so that the side panels also stood proud of the keel panels port and starboard-wise. I took out the 5 or 6 stitches back there, and used my plane (very sharp) to shave back the panels. as I did I could watch the panels close in on eachother and everything fell into place. Re-drilled the panels, put the stitches back in and filled the tiny holes with some left over "peanut butter" during a filleting step. I might could have re-used the holes, but they were a bit too close and probably would have torn through. The filleting goo blended in with the wood fairly well.

If I had left this, and taken care of it on a later step, I would have had to do a lot of body work, and had something that would have looked like a tiny transom back there.

My personal stance on panels (or anything) not fitting up right, is that there is probably some tolerance or room to play with, but if I can make it fit better before it's locked together forever I will.

good luck, hope there's some help in there somewhere!

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