Rudder Mounting and Pics

Posted by Brett on Dec 16, 2006

Hi Guys. I posted my pics in a rather backward way - making a seperate thread response for each pic, but that was the easist I could figure it out.

I've paddled my double for a season rudderless and am now attaching one (that was always my intent). I picked the navigator rudder as I really like the functionality. I had planned to build a custom bracket to fit the stern using one ocean kayak rudder plans. However after picking up my rudder I have spent some time head stratching and this rudder seems to lend itsself really well to just drilling a hole in the deck and droping it in. I would have no way to secure the rudder pin in the hole, it would just ride free and could be pulled out. I'd have to come up with a way to secure it so that it doesn't fall out during a rollover.

See the following responses for pics - the first two would show position using a bracket, and the last three position if I drilled a hole in the deck into the end pour. My only concern is that I don't have a huge amount of realestate where I would need to drill - about 1/2 either side of the pin - I still think it would be structurally sound through. Any body have any experiences good or bad while im still in the head scratching stage - comments?

Thanks brett