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Posted by Alan Speakman on Dec 17, 2006

Hi Richard,

I use rare-earth magnets to hold the paddle on the deck of my wife's MC 13. It works extremely well... I simply glued a couple of very strong magnets on the underside of the deck and also attached a couple of them on the paddle shaft. Now whenever she wants to "ship" the paddle, she simply slides it along the deck until the deck "grabs" it... Extremely cool.

Some thoughts...

* The wife uses her Mill Creek in pretty much flat water for photography. (The ability to silently slide the paddle into instant holding is very handy. * If for some reason the magnets were to fail and the paddle were to fall overboard, she'd just reach over and pick it up... On the other hand, I think I'd want a more failsafe system for a deck hatch that might see rough water. * Remember, these magnets are very strong... I wouldn't dream of getting them around a compass, my wallet and credit cards, MP3 players, GPS, etc., etc., etc. * Safety is an issue. Believe it or not, rare-earth magnets can pinch! * They also can shatter when they come together. * I know that there are Web sites out there that discuss this topic... Google on "magnet kayak hatch" (without the quotes,) and you can find info on it.


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