Cannot locate Marine Ply

Posted by Russ Hall on Dec 18, 2006

I have just recieved the plans for the CLC Triple.

In our prairie location it has been a challenge locating marine plywood. Someone finally convinced one major business to bring in some 4 mm oakume. I went in to look at it and found it to be the worst plywood I have ever seen and was stamped BS1088. It had a thick inner core with two paper thin outer layers. It appeared from the edges to have voids, and had the back side of the G1S peeling in places. Then to add insult they wanted 98 $ per sheet.

I returned to one of my hometown lumberyards and found some 4mm and 6mm mahagany brought in for ice shack material I have previously been looking at. Looks good on the edges for voids and I will check it with a light to determine the best positions to cut. Maybe Ill have to cut first then join to eliminate any missing inner core. Plan to use the 6mm for the hull.

The last boat I built, which was first I had to order a kit to get it in marine ply out here.

Russ Hall Carrot River Saskachewan