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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Dec 18, 2006

Gober, it's true that you've been AWOL from this board way too much lately, shame on you. But then, so have I, although you have a much better excuse, you rat. Anyway, I feel compelled to contrive a reply to your post just keep the prodigal boat builder theme going.

I say you're never really into any hobby until the divorce papers are on the table. Besides, if the wife and kids begin to remember your face, they'll just start insisting you hang out with 'em whenever you accidentally put in an appearance. It's a trap, don't you see, don't start any bad habits.

So here's what you do... start building a boat, I recommend a Shearwater hybrid, and plan on joining us at the Bash with it and your MC13. We still don't know precisely when or where it'll be, but San Luis Pass on the western tip of Galveston Island in late April or early May is a good bet.

I'm fixing to become a boat builder once again myself, by the way. Y' see, I've got this really cool rolling machine S&G hull in my shop, all S&G'ed but not fiberglassed yet, and it's starting to whisper sweet little things in my ear. I also have got to do something with my poor old Outer Island, the damn thing's falling to pieces on me.

So jump on in, boy, the water's fine...

Cheers, Kurt

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