Re: Shop Air Changes

Posted by Ian F on Dec 19, 2006

If you're planning to build a few boats and have the space to install it, look into an air-air heat exchanger. This will reclaim some of the heat (and A/C in the Summer) being exhausted.

This type of system is gaining popularity in highly inefficient laboratories where most of the supply air is exhausted through fume hoods.

There are some other tricks I've learned from designing more than a few cleanrooms for the pharma and tech industries.

1. Cleanrooms are made "clean" through air changes. A LOT of air changes. As well as filters on the supply air. Unfortunately, this chews up a lot of energy, but contamination of the process and the workers in the room is not acceptable. If you saw the electric bill for even a small pharma building, you'd faint.

2. It is important to keep a cleanroom as clutter-free as possible. Understanding this can be difficult when the shop is in a basement, but the more you can do to segregate your work space from your storage spaces, the easier it will be to keep things clean and keep dust under control.

3. Simply hanging clear plastic from the ceiling around the boat can help a lot with the above.

4. Be aware of where you are venting. You don't want to blow exhaust fumes into your neighbor's house.

Other comments already stated apply as well.

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