Re: Rolling a CH17

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Dec 20, 2006

I learned to roll in a boat that had atrocious cockpit outfitting for the purpose, but it didn't slow me down a whit. I'd say it all depends on whether you really want to roll, or make excuses.

When I was at OkoumeFest last spring, I tried all the new CLC yaks, including the Arctic Hawk and Shearwater. The boat that stands out in my mind as one of the most fun to horse around in was the Ch 16 LT. It handled the Greenland style stuff very sweetly, a super fun boat to play in. I like to mention this since the Chesapeake series seems to have taken something of a back seat to the newer offerings. They're still exceedingly nice designs.

Forget the boat, and concentrate on technique instead. I agree that starting with the extended paddle, or Pawlata, roll oughta be the easiest. The Ch 17 won't hinder you unless you make an issue of it.

Cheers, Kurt

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