Re: Rolling a CH17

Posted by Brad Shook on Dec 22, 2006

Dear David,

Whoever gave you that advice, just forget it! I learned to roll this summer, with a little instruction from a friend (who happens to teach kayaking on the side). I also bought a video from Jay Babina that helped ALOT! I learned with my first home-built kayak...a Chesapeake 17LT with a 90" greenland paddle made by a friend. After a couple times out with James, I was a rolling machine. My technique wasn't and still is not perfect, but I learned the greenland style paddle-sweep roll and probably have about a 98% success ratio. The times that I did not come up were due to MY poor technique, NOT the boat. It was not overly difficult to lay back in the CH17LT, and I don't think that the 17 would have made that much difference, you just cannot lay back as much. At first I wasn't laying back hardly at all, using the power of the paddle sweep to upright myself. Keep practicing with people that know how to teach the greenland style paddle sweep roll and you will be fine. Jay's video is great, I would recommend it to anyone.

Here's to your success...


In Response to: Rolling a CH17 by David on Dec 18, 2006