Sea Island Sport

Posted by Phil on Dec 23, 2006

A few weeks back I posted to get input on a kayak for fishing - I was considering the Mill Creek 13 and the Sea Island Sport.

Although I received a lot of great input, George K indicated that i wouldn't be dissapointed with the SIS and recommended that I visit the CLC shop. He also suggested that Florida was really quite different from Oregon, mentioning an array of pests that don't seem to have made it this far north .... at least not yet.

At this point, I haven't made it to the CLC shop, but I did attend a business conference in Florida in early december. George was kind enough to share his time, show me his boats, and walk me thru the construction process. My time away from the conference was limited, otherwise I would have begged for a trip to the water.

I can say that the SIS looked to be amazing. I have no doubt that it has the manuverability, stability, handling, and speed that i'm looking for. I don't use a tackle box (just a fly box or small box of spinners), so cockpit size isn't an issue. With a rod holder, it will be perfect.

I just need to convince my wife that the SIS will go well with the fishing rod she received during the holidays last year. Unfortunately, it's not a great match for the sewing machine she got me.

George - Many thanks!!