Canadian Sea Island Sport

Posted by Mac on Dec 29, 2006

Especially for John H. and George K. And everyone else with the patience.

Well gentlemen, we finally have Lift Off!

The long and agonizing wait is over. I've just epoxied the hull panels and already have a comment:

Puzzle joints - YEAH!! Even I can't mess these up!

Better than just puzzle joints - unique joints for each pannel and orientation for each section.

Can't make a mistake - I tried - you can't.

If there is anyone out there with trepidation about assembling pannels - this here's the boat fer YOU!

CLC should win the Idiot Proof Award for 2006. I'd come down there to personally award it John, but I get lost crossing the street. So I'll just stay here in my garage and cheer wildly!


Mac from Montreal