long worker exposures

Posted by LeeG on Dec 30, 2006

Is one of the things a home builder can do with a closed in garage working through the winter. Frequent air exchanges in a garage brings in cold air and sends out the warm.

With a cold concrete slab and leaky garage door it'll take lots of poly sheeting to keep the warm air in the garage.

After building a few kayaks through the winter in a closed up garage it becomes obvious that eyes become a pathway for irritation to vapors. I'm pretty sure that exposure exceeds what would be 'normal' in a professional fabrication process meeting some basic safety guidelines.

"tenting" really isn't an optimum solution when you need 60+ degrees to apply epoxy and any increase above the application temperature introduces out-gassing.

In Response to: Re: Shop Air Changes by Camper on Dec 20, 2006