Re: Mac's Sea Island

Posted by Mac on Jan 23, 2007


Thank you so much for posting these!

In my reply to your note this morning, I forgot to answer that - Yes, I added bias-cut glass to prow and stern prior to the second fill coat. (You can see a strip ready to go in one of the shots).

We're fresh water, mountain lake piddlers (intended), and our rocks and stumps are mostly moss covered. I have a kayak that I brass stripped, but I haven't needed that much protection so far.

However, for you sea farers and gravel beachers out there, I strongly recommend more aggressive keel protection. This beautiful hull design has a pronounced keel running the full length of the boat, and it will absorb a ton of punishment!

I LOVE this boat is all I can say, and I can't wait to get her wet. (Don't have much choice though unless I can get it down to the local YMCA). Oh, now I've done it!

Y. M. C. A. , Why don't you stay at the Y. M. C. A - eh? (Canadian version)



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