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Posted by Jim E on Jan 24, 2007

After concentrating hard, and muttering the CLC Zen mantra "Sanding is fun..." for a while, I think I have figured out the logic here.

Assuming more than a few hours have elapsed between the hull glassing and deck glassing, there will need to be a sanded finish on the sides for the overlapping deck glass to bond to. It's hard to adequately sand an unfilled finish because of the weave.

Proposed alternative: put one fill coat on the bottom and sides. You could do that about 2/3 hours after wetting out the glass. It will bond chemically and partially fill the weave. When that has cured, lightly sand where the deck class will overlap with 100 grit, and finish up with a red 3M abrasive pad. That will scuff the valleys that the paper didnt get to. Then proceed with the deck glass.

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