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Posted by LeeG on Jan 26, 2007

the fine weave 4oz s-glass shown in the photo is close in appearance to the 3.25oz fineweave I mentioned above. S-glass can be purchased in regular weaves like the top photo of the 4oz e-glass (same weave as CLCs deck glass) and isn't hard to wet out as the fine weave is. Above 4oz weight fine glass isn't recommended for hand layups, it's more appropriate for vacuum bag constructions like paddles or kayaks like Neckys "ACL" constructed kayaks.

A layer of 10oz e-glass (6hull+4bottom) would add about 8oz and be much,much,much more durable than 6oz e-glass plus a few coats of graphite. A layer of 9.25oz eglass (6hull+3.25fineweave) would add about 6oz and be much,much more durable than 6oz plus a few coats of graphite.

A layer of 6oz s-glass would be much more durable (resistance to tearing impacts that break the glass, stain the wood or damage the wood) than a layer of 6oz e glass plus coats of graphite.

there's no free lunch or magic coating,,slippery is not the same as durable.

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