Hybrid deck question

Posted by Jim L on Jan 26, 2007

At long last I am nearing completion of the deck of my 17' SW Hybrid ... probably only another 10 to 20 hours to go!! So, as I bask in the light from the end of the tunnel, my thoughts turn to something else to worry about. Sometimes, late at night and without permission, monkeys get into my shop and work on the boat. I appreciate their good intentions, but their work is shoddy. What I've got are some strips that are not glued very tightly to each other; there are longitudinal gaps that I'm afraid will be hard to hide. I'm thinking of two possible solutions. 1. Spread yellow glue into the gaps and then use the ROS (without the shop vac attachment) to generate some like-color sanding dust to soak into the glue. 2. Generate some sanding dust by hand, and then mix it into epoxy to fill the gaps.

Does anyone have an opinion on these approaches; or a third (or fourth) idea? Also, where the strips butt up to the coaming base, some of the strips match up nice, but some are not so good (monkeys!). No matter what I do here, I fear that the seam will be "irregular" at best. From 5 feet ...with squinting ... it may look OK, but I would like to improve on that if I can. I can't think of anything but a painted strip that covers the seam. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.