Re: question on length

Posted by Chris Braman on Jan 27, 2007

I paddled both the Mill Creek 13 and the Sassafras 12 at the demo I went to and I thought the Sassafrass (canoe) made an even better canoe than the Mill Creek. :-)

The Mill Creek is flat bottomed. I felt like the Sassafras both tracked and turned better.

I can't say from experience, but I'd think neither would handle the boat wakes I have to share lakes and resivours with as well as my kayak has.

You mentioned Lake Erie? Kelly's Island is 2 miles out into Lake Erie. Is that going to work in a Mill Creek? That sounds like a job for a tandem kayak.

I took a day of lessons south of Detroit at Sterling State Park. I'd been eyeing those islands every time I look at a map. (I'm in Northern Indiana)

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