How to clean a chip brush

Posted by Laszlo on Jan 28, 2007

Stand near a receptacle for proper disposal of chemical wastes. Hold the dirty brush in your dominant hand near its center of gravity (be sure to be wearing gloves and eye protection). Pull your arm back so that the brush is at waist level. Quickly and smoothly move your arm forward toward the receptacle and release the brush.

Come on guys, you want to risk contaminating $160/gallon epoxy and/or your whole boat to save $15?

A better approach is not to use brushes. Almost anything epoxy-related you can do with a brush, you can do with a squeegee or a roller - and use less epoxy doing it. Rubber squeegees even have the advantage of being easy to clean - just let the epoxy harden and it peels off.

Beware of false economy,


In Response to: Brush Cleaner by Chris J. on Jan 27, 2007