custom webbing/colors

Posted by Jay on Jan 28, 2007

out of curiosity, where is a good place to find a variety of colors for webbing? I found red,blue,and black in webbing and bungee at a boat store. finally opted for a gray webbing that I found at a fabric store. would like to find matching gray bungee, but will go with black bungee for now. found purple webbing on line, but I would have to buy a case. any suggestions for suppliers?

also, I like the bright finish on the kayaks. especially for the ability to see the grain pop out, and the ribbon. I think that I would also like to use color in the future, but not a paint. is there anything that works like an "in laquer stain" that would allow me to add color and vary the tint, while allowing the grain to pop out. I don't want to stain the wood prior to coating, because stains always seem to deaden the grain in my opinion and I don't know if you can do that anyway. I guess what I'm asking, is there a way to achieve a sunburst finish much like a flame top Les Paul and how do I achieve it using epoxy?

much more thanks in advance