Re: epoxy not sticking

Posted by Jay on Jan 28, 2007

using MAS. slow hardener. this was, I think, the fourth coat for the deck. I rolled it on, and as far as I can tell it was just in this one area. at the moment I just need to tip in the overhanging deck glass in that one section, because it even came out of the weave. Hopefully everything will be good from here on. the batch was good, just enough to coat the deck with a little waste, so whatever it was didn't effect anywhere else. even though it didn't stick, It really didn't need to on the side, just annoying to have to get it of like that and waste the discs. Also I don't want it to happen again. I think I want one more thin coat on the deck. I can't remember if i used a propane heater that day. My HVAC went out in my office, so I was using a convection propane heater to get the area up to temp then shut it off and let an electric keep it going. couldn't tell you if I was using it that day, but I think that I put the epoxy on that day, because it was unseasonably warm. no tack rags, but no sanding in that area either. I had a suspicion that because I hadn't really sanded that area that it was too smooth to stick.

what do you think?

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