Re: Sheer Clamp not Proud

Posted by Mac on Jan 29, 2007


It would be difficult to create a fatal error while building a wooden boat (as long as you catch your mistakes as they happen - not later).

We're talking 1/8" over only part of the sheer clamp-to- deck join.

At worst this will leave a small gap at some places.

What can we do....

Well, we could glue on a 1/8" lath npw. (I'd use wood glue here vs epoxy - easier on the plane later.)

We could carry on as is, and put on rub rails before glassing the deck. (This would be my choice any way - I love rub rails for many reasons - this being just one of them).

We could simply fill whatever gaps are left with wood flour thickened epoxy. If you experiment with wood flour and white flour, you can lighten the mixture to match the wood pretty well. Just takes patience, but it's a good trick to know.

If the last doesn't work to your satisfaction, do the second-to-last (rub rails - yea!)

Don't worry about the thickness of the remaining sheer clamp. Lee G would suggest shaving these into triangles anyway for comfort and a little weight saving.

Onward and Upward!


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