Re: Hybrid deck question

Posted by John Beck on Jan 29, 2007

Hey Jim, I think all hybrid deck builders are plagued by this roving band of monkeys. Perhaps they hacked into CLC database and found all buyers of hybrid kits. Yellow glue is NOT the answer, since it doesn't fill gaps and will only have to be removed for proper filling with epoxy/filler.

I've just completed the aft section and am about half way through the front. I have pondered how I would deal with this. My kit is older and has pine, instead of white cedar, which is harder and some of the coves are not as deep as they should be, plus the occassional misalignment I, too, have some areas where there may be gaps. I plan on waiting until I finish the deck and epoxy/glass the underside and do the first rough sanding of the top to see where the problems will be. I'm hoping that what may look like a problem now will disappear in a cloud of sanding dust (sucked up by my new and wonderful Fein vac), and other undetected gaps appear. Any problem areas will then be filled and sanded for finishing. I have found unbleached bread flour mixed with epoxy is the perfect shade for the pine.

I plan on painting the bottom, sides and apron around the cockpit so I don't have your concerns about the butt joints at the apron, but I have this suggestion. Use your bonsai saw (or router if your're really brave) to cut along the edge of the apron and sand to uniform width of about 1/8" with 80 grit glued to a epoxy mixing stick. Then cut a strip of cedar to width, epoxy it in and plane/sand flush. You'd need to do this in sections so the apron remains sufficiently attached while making your cuts.

Good luck and let us know things work out.


In Response to: Hybrid deck question by Jim L on Jan 26, 2007