Re: Brush Cleaner

Posted by Julie K. on Jan 29, 2007

I've had good success using disposable plastic table knives (like the ones you might use at a picnic) to spread thickened epoxy for gluing up parts.... thickened epoxy spreads like mustard or peanut butter...and a table knife spreads both of those easily. I bought a big box of them at Costco.... I use them for mixing epoxy, too. I've built three kayaks and am now building a Skerry... plastic table knives, plastic squeegee/spreaders, rollers and foam brushes to "tip out" fill coats are my implements of choice. Works great. Cheap. Disposable. And no wasted epoxy stuck in bristles.

In Response to: Re: Brush Cleaner by Chris J. on Jan 28, 2007