Re: CLC Rub Strip

Posted by LeeG on Jan 30, 2007

The nature of s&g construction makes for very fine angles where the two panels meet. That doesn't mean the same method for protecting a very narrow area needs to be the same method for protecting large flat areas. Laying on a layer of glass protects a large area so when the entire boats weight rests on a couple square inches at the stern logic would say that you should layer up the equivalent number of layers for a similar level of durabilty.

Which would be a few dozen layers as narrow as those two 4mm panels on edge rounded over.

hmm,,that sounds silly so a compromise is made by laying on a few layers and living with the wear.

Or applying something thick.

So look at where the wear is greatest and apply the thickest material there. The problem with laying up multiple layers of glass or any fabric is that the bulk of the fabric is wrapped over the sides where it's not utilized and requires a LOT of fairing in.

I'd suggest a 12" strip of 3/8" half oval and be done with it.

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