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Posted by Brad Shook on Feb 5, 2007

Hey Charlie...

I have a friend who is building a One Ocean Cirrus LT with his wife (the boat actually became hers during the build due and that's a longer story...) and they have had good experience with the RAKA 127 with the 350 so far. No problems so far and it has cured completely clear with no blush. I have only used West System 105/205&207, and Sys 3 SilverTip. My other kayaking friend uses MAS and loves it and swears by it. My only problem with RAKA is that it doesn't cure at lower temps like the SilverTip. RAKA needs at least 64 deg. with the 127/350 to cure overnight. I can get SilverTip to cure at 50 (I build in a partially insulated garage with a 35k BTU Kerosene Heater). Can you or anyone else shed some light on this?

Thanks Charlie, Brad

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